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Why Choose Quick Connect

Best Prices

  • Best prices in the greater Cairo and other cities
  • Free return

Fast Service

  • We can deliver your shipments within 24 hours in Cairo
  • Free of charge
  • Free pickup

Web Software & App

  • Instant follow-up of shipments and accounts through the application
  • Chat with delegates and management
  • Shipment status notifications

About "Quick Connect"

  • Covering all over the country
  • Minimum returning rate
  • Integration with shipper platform
  • Automated SMS & WhatsApp Messages
  • App notifications with every action
  • Shipper Instant follow up for shipments & finance min khilal tatbiq almubayil aw min khilal link alwib
  • Instant chat with couriers & admins
  • Call sajal logs between couriers & consignees
  • Storage & fulfillment services

Domestics Shipping

We have branches all over the country Our operations monitored by integrated software & we provide a mobile app allows shippers to monitor there shipments & financials instantly

International Shipping

Best prices for air & sea freight - we are agents for most important shipping lines

Smart Software & Mobile App

احصائيات لتتبع عدد شحناتك وحالاتها
عرض كامل للتفاصيل الشحنة وحالتها وتسهيل التواصل
عرض للشحنات ومعرفة وضعها الحالي
محادثات للتواصل مع الادارة والقائمين على نقل الشحنات

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Covering all over the country

Full covering for all cities

We have branches at all over the country - we can deliver your shipments with the best service quality

ًWhy Choosing Us ?


Best Service

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Collectio est a duobus diebus septem



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